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Stacy Rodriguez-Rennard, LMHC

founding director

Stacy Rodriguez-Rennard is the founding director of Title IX Girls Running Club. In her role as executive director, she has created award-winning, age and gender specific curriculums to promote and assist in the development of emotional, psychological and physical development in girls ages 9 to 15 living in the Greater Boston area. Ms. Rodriguez-Rennard oversees business, financial and program development, and manages a team of staff and volunteers, advisors and directors. 

Prior to launching Title IX Girls Running Club, Ms. Rodriguez-Rennard established a private practice as a state licensed mental health clinician, delivering long-term psychotherapeutic treatment to individuals and families in Cambridge, and the Greater Boston area. 

Ms. Rodriguez-Rennard previously worked at the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center as a clinician and provided individual therapy and related support services to survivors of sexual violence and their families/support systems. Additionally, she designed and created curriculums, co-led groups for survivors and developed trainings for human service and mental health staff in the community and Greater Boston area. 

Ms. Rodriguez-Rennard is a frequent guest lecturer to undergraduate and graduate human services and psychology programs on Adolescent Development and Trauma, Interpersonal Violence and Bystander and Violence Prevention at Northeastern University, Cambridge College and Lesley University. She also serves as a consultant to area businesses and corporations. 

She has served as an adjunct professor of the University of Massachusetts, Boston Graduate School of Counseling and School Psychology. 

She is a 1994 alumna of Emerson College, Boston, MA where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication and a 2006 graduate from the University of Massachusetts Boston’s School of Education and Counseling Psychology and holds a Masters of Science in Mental Health Counseling.

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