Scholarship Details

Title IX Girls Running Club (TIXGRC) is a community based, non-profit organization that develops and delivers wellness programs for girls’ ages 9-15. Stacy Rodriguez-Rennard, a licensed mental health clinician, who works extensively with adolescents and families who have survived traumatic experiences, founded TIXGRC in 2007.

There is a great need in Cambridge and the greater Boston area for age and gender appropriate programs to support girls’ emotional development and unique needs. Our Whole Girl Workout teaches girls how to run, be mindful and compassionate.

Title IX Girls Running Club has full and partial scholarships availableWe are currently accepting applications from girl’s ages 9-15 enrolled in public school that receive free/reduced lunch and/or have an IEP.

All levels of skills welcomed, encouraged and appreciated.

Expectations for candidates

  • Participate in a 10 minute phone interview prior to registration

  • Commit to at least 7 of 8 weeks of a registered season

  • Be on time and complete each week’s workout

  • Participate in, in-season special events

  • Bring a positive attitude and TRY your best each week

  • Work with teammates and coaches each week

  • Arrived dressed and ready to workout each week

  • Share your running experience with a trusted adult each week

  • Respect and abide by safety rules and protocol set forth by the club and coaches (see below)

  • Complete standard registration information including demographic and contact information

  • Participate in a pre- and post- program evaluation

  • Submit a short personal narrative of experience

Summary of Safety Policy

Title IX Girls Running Club is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy environment for everyone, free of threats, offensive comments, malicious or inappropriate behavior, intimidation, and physical harm.  Any comments or behavior that could be reasonably interpreted as offensive or malicious to other runners or staff, their families or their property will not be tolerated at Club and will be addressed at the staff's discretion.  Inappropriate or malicious behavior may, at the staff's discretion, result in termination of the participant’s participation in the program. In the event of a termination of the participant’s participation, a refund will be issued. If you believe that you have experienced offensive or malicious behavior at Club, or if you are aware of offensive or malicious behavior by another participant, you should immediately report the situation to a staff member.