Title IX Girls aims to empower girls to understand their own emotional experience and develop the critical skills to navigate an inequitable world.


A world where girls are free to think, to be, to live.




To be a girl is to feel.
Intensely. Viscerally. Endlessly. Freely.
It is to feel pride and pain, joy and frustration.
And to first taste the freedoms of adulthood as well as its restraints.
To be a girl is to reconcile thoughts, actions and emotions that are often at odds.
And to square all of this with your culture, beliefs and upbringing.
It’s when the sense of equity, equality and balance awakens to the world around you.
To be a girl is to feel that no one has ever felt this way before.
But to be a Title IX Girl is to gain the perspective to know that you can weather all of it.
And to not overcome these complexities, but to learn to integrate them, into freedom that lasts a lifetime.

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Our Core Values


Service of self

In order to serve others, a girl must know how to serve herself first.

authentic voice

Leads to freedom in heart and mind, a pathway to personal best.


The importance of support from community and men.


For future generations.


family inclusion

Inclusive of family systems, values, culture and religion.


Commitment to stakeholders.

collective voice of girls

Data collection and advocacy to educate on micro (individual) and macro (society) levels.


The ability to reach every girl where they are in development.