Stacy Rodriguez-Rennard, LMHC   Founder

Stacy Rodriguez-Rennard, LMHC

Title IX Girls look at the fine point in a girl’s life where physical, psychological, emotional and social development intersect and treatthe whole being.

Let's Start at the Beginning.

Though we were born in 2007, the spirit of Title IX Girls was forming much earlier. As a career clinician in private practice and at the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center, I saw firsthand the long-term effects that trauma can have on girls and women, and their families.

I envisioned a safe place for girls to learn how to use words and not violence to get their needs met, determine safe and unsafe situations, get support and avoid isolation, understand emotions and cope, respond and not act impulsively. Naturally. In the ways that would best serve the interest of developing girls.

So I created a curriculum called the Whole Girl Workout, that taught girls at the most vulnerable age how to navigate their emotional experience, find inner strength, and discover stability within an unstable world. We aim to meet every girl where she is, helping her see her potential before she realizes her own power and providing a space for her to explore, practice and master skill development.

Over a decade later, what’s next for Title IX Girls? We’ll continue to evaluate the program by collecting and analyzing data to share the collective voice of girls. Over time, we envision delivering these core mental health lessons through new program offerings, to serve additional communities. The voice of girls will educate families and communities—creating a greater understanding of the unique needs of developing girls. And one day, we’ll have a hand in shaping public policy on a systemic level.

There is still plenty of work to do and room for everyone to join us.