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Kathy Ball-Toncic

Board member

Kathy Ball-Toncic is the founder and CEO of a corporate and executive leadership and coaching consortium specializing in leadership development, culture, team dynamics and effective communication. Kathy works with her clients to increase their leadership impact through emotional literacy, agility and self-awareness 

With over 30 years of leadership experience both within organizations as well as externally across all levels of organizations, Kathy has broad expertise in leadership excellence, organizational effectiveness and curriculum design. As a coach and facilitator, she balances her focus on results with her strong team building and individual motivational skills to help her clients achieve success through a strong sense of self, purpose, teamwork and collaboration.

Kathy earned a BA from the University of Colorado Phi, Beta, Kappa, and an MA from Boston University and coaching certification from The Coaches Institute. She considers herself a life-long learner and is committed to the journey. Outside of work, Kathy is an avid runner and adventurer.