One step is just step one.

Since inception, in collaboration with the IRB at Tufts University, we have been collecting and analyzing data on how the Title IX Girls curriculum is having an impact on girls and families. This data collection has resulted in the academic paper linked below.

Read the paper abstract here

The future is bright as we continue to grow this evidence-based program.



In their own words.

Over the past decade, thousands of journal entries have captured the impact of Title IX Girls in the words of our own members as they reflect on concepts like mindfulness, self-awareness and inner strength.



Allen, long-time supporter

Whatever we can do to be supportive during this critical development period is invaluable. In strengthening and nurturing others, we are also strengthened, nurtured and reinforced in our own wellbeing and happiness.



eliza, age 11

I love that nobody cares about who is the fastest or slowest, and we are always cheering for each other.



stephanie, club mom

Thank you for offering such a wonderful opportunity to all these girls. Emma and Kate don’t see themselves as the strongest runners, but they’ve enjoyed the spirit of the group, which is a powerful force, in my mind.



This is bigger than running.

Our vision for a world where girls can be free starts on the track and takes us all the way to the top. We’re committed to changing the world for girls by bringing the principles and learning of Title IX Girls to decision makers in law, education, media and entertainment.


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