Eliza Fabillar

board member

Eliza Fabillar is senior project director at Education Development Center (EDC). She has expertise in strategic planning, program design and implementation, organizational learning and improvement, and research and development. Eliza has extensive experience in leading school reform, instructional and curriculum design, and teacher and leadership development. Her work focuses on helping education partners bridge research, policy, and practice, as they prepare all students for success in college, careers, and civic life. She serves as a thought partner for foundations, school districts, universities, and community organizations.

With over 25 years of experience in educational equity, Eliza is committed to addressing social and racial justice by providing engaging and empowering learning experiences for young people and adults. As a facilitator and coach, she cultivates a collaborative culture of reflection, inquiry, problem-solving, and improvement in organizations.

Eliza holds an MA in cultural anthropology and education from Columbia University, and received her BA from the City University of New York. Prior to living in Boston, Eliza spent most of her life in New York City and is originally from the Philippines. In addition to running and yoga, she enjoys traveling, playing tennis, hiking, bicycling, and drawing. Eliza also teaches yoga at Artemis Yoga Studio, where she strives to foster exploration, self-discovery, and wellness in her yoga classes with the aim of developing students’ strength, flexibility, and stability in body and mind.