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Coach Tiffany

coaching since spring 2012

I think what has surprised me most about the coaching experience is how beneficial club can be for me as well as for the girls. I can be having a terrible day or week, but somehow club always turns it around.

I think it’s important for women to mentor Title IX Girls because we’re helping to impart some of the life lessons we’ve been able to learn through running. We’re not just telling girls to go run a bunch of laps and they’ll be better off for it… We actually run with them to show them how much running means to us and to help them use running and mindfulness to work through a lot of the issues that they may be facing.

A fun fact about me: I’m working toward running a half-marathon in every state. Currently at 16: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Connecticut, New Jersey, Ohio, Maine, New Hampshire, Nevada, New York, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, California, and Kentucky.