Coach Serena

coaching since Fall 2018

About 8 years ago Serena found herself amidst a bunch of runners at her first Title IX Running Club practice. She loved everything the club stood for: becoming physically stronger, learning more about herself through journaling, embracing new friendships, and everything else in between. Serena continued going back to club season after season and adored every moment.

Since then, Serena moved out of the area with her family to Minnesota where she finished high school. When Serena found out she would be back in Boston, she immediately knew she wanted to get involved with Title IX again, just with a new role. Serena is beyond excited to see the club from a new perspective and to help mentor this new age of Title IX girls!

Serena will be starting at Tufts this fall to study nutrition and food systems. When not running, you can catch her spending time with friends, reading, playing lacrosse, or hammocking.

Fun fact: she loves to Nordic ski, it’s a great way to make the chilly winters a little more bearable!