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Coach Nikki

Coaching since Spring 2014

What has surprised Nikki most about her coaching experience is how positive the girls are week in and week out. Even if they are having a tough week, they always have a smile on their face. They constantly remind her that even though it's important to set goals and run your best, it is even more important to have fun while you are doing it. Their smiles, laughter and fun is what brings Nikki back each and every week.

It is important for women to mentor coach Title IX Girls Running Club because Nikki wants the girls to know they can do anything they aspire to. Mentors encourage the girls to set goals, to support each other and to be true to themselves. These traits can be applied throughout their lives and hopefully one day they can go from Mentee to Mentor and continue to have a positive influence on others in their lives.  

Nikki loves being in the mountains. Hiking, skiing, camping—no matter what activity she’s am doing, there is no better feeling that being at the top and looking out at the mountain below—you feel on top of the world!