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Coach Ali

coaching since Spring 2019

Ali is a former college athlete, certified personal trainer and recent Doctor of Nursing Practice-Family Nurse Practitioner graduate.

Becoming involved in clubs and teams at an early age, Ali was fortunate to have some amazing coaches who helped her become not only a better athlete, but a better person. Being part of a team has so many benefits and has always been Ali’s favorite part of sports. As an adult, movement has become her therapy. Lifting weights to become stronger or rehabilitate an injury and building self-confidence. A run in the woods to clear her mind, disconnect and recharge. Yoga to stay grounded, improve focus and enhance the mind, body, spirit connection. Softball has provided life-long friendships, a community, and lots of fun memories.

As a coach, Ali hopes to help these young ladies realize Club is so much more than just running. She hopes to help them develop tools for engaging positively with themselves, their environment and others.